Our favorite place so far has been Summerfield Rose Farm a working macadamia, litchi, and rose farm. As I type this I’m sitting on a  day bed under a forest canopy in our gorgeous forest room that has a 180 degrees view of the forest with a stream that runs under the cabin. It’s 5 star quality all the way, with a magnificent inside-outside layout, you can open the sliding doors to let the outside in. The outside shower is Bianca’s favorite, shielded by the frosted glass for that slight bit of privacy otherwise you are basically showering in the forest. 

The boardwalks take you over streams that flow towards the SABIE river where you have sundowners listening to nature and waiting patiently for the crocs to reveal themselves. Duke Gin is made on the property and was the brainchild of owner Andre. It’s a craft gin with floral notes of litchi that will keep any decreeing gin drinker coming back for more. Dinner is a short walk along the boardwalks past the stunning gardens peppered with luscious ferns and lilies that Andre’s wife has carefully set up. Dinner is set under a beautiful glass-arched house with veggie boxes, citrus trees, blueberries, and a library of books, and big old leather comforters to relax in after your belly is full.

The sound of nature is ever-present be it the constant water running, birds calling to each other, or the local owl hooting to make itself heard. There are small deer that come visit you while you sit and take in the sounds wondering who is watching who. 

We had a little OOPS while shooting the GIN BAR – the drone clipped a corner of a tree and got lost, we eventually found it between the 2 dams! LUCKY!!