Midway through 2020, the world went into its first-ever hard lockdown during the Coronovirus pandemic. As a couple, we sat in our house in Chintsa East, South Africa, and felt disconnected from what was happening as well as a sense of What The Fuck is actually going on here. We had no income but we had savings so we were not too stressed but we needed to figure out a way to work in the ‘new world’ so we started connecting with various people and business’ around South Africa to see if we could trade our skills for their accommodation, food, hospitality, clothing and generally anything we could eat, sleep under, clothe ourselves with and fill up our car with in order to make the journey viable.

Caltex & Fresh Stop came onboard initially loving the idea and traded us diesel to get us around the country and connect us with the other small businesses. We would shoot 21 of their stores as went along the trip and will forever be thankful to them for backing us and allowing the trip to happen.

We got our travel permits and set off on a 4-month adventure around South Africa slowly connecting with people from all walks of life and found that South Africa was still strong and that South Africans even after all the hardships are still some of the most enthusiastic, welcoming and warm people to connect with. Enjoy the journey!