Everyone in all industries had to re-think the way they do things and go forward during lockdown, as all international photography work was on hold while the borders were closed, we decided to take advantage of the quiet hospitality spaces and GIVE BACK by doing a trip around SA showcasing our beautiful local getaways by updating different hospitality partner’s media libraries on a trade exchange basis. But obviously, there would be some hard costs on our side, such as petrol, so we pitched an idea to Fresh Stop to photograph some of their stores around the country in exchange for the travel costs for the trip. They loved the idea and got on board and suddenly we were planning a 4-month road trip during the Covid 19 Pandemic. 

This was a tricky experience because at the time you had to get permits to travel across provincial borders, which Fresh Stop kindly sorted out for us, police clearance letters to say what you were traveling for, etc

Once we had all the necessary paperwork we could travel and start to set up places to go and show our fellow countrymen what it’s like to travel this beautiful country of ours.

We love that Freshstop got involved and can honestly say that their convenience stores are amazing, they offer a range of FOOD LOVERS MARKET’s produce and everything else you can think of. 

The best part is that they have partnered with Seattle Coffee, so you are guaranteed a decent cup of coffee at every stop. 

INSTAGRAM: @freshstopsa